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100 wires in a pack
Regular: ₹ 350.00
Height 12 inches

High quality white paper coated wire with different gauges are used widely in flower making by both handcrafters and sugar crafters. Use floral stem wires in arrangements to reinforce, curve, direct and lengthen the stems of dried flowers, clay flowers, sugar craft flowers and greenery. This pack contains 100 wires.This pack of floral wire is great for reinforcing, strengthening, and securing bunched flowers, foliage, greenery or artificial arrangements. For flower arrangements, this wire works beautifully on almost all flowers including roses, gerberas or carnations. It can be used to effortlessly create corsages, bouts, crowns and bouquets for weddings or other special events. The wire is very pliable but has enough stiffness to hold its shape and support large pinecones in arrangements. This paddle wire is also very useful in crafting projects such as making wreaths or fabric crafting. It is a breeze to create paper or satin flowers, or even gum paste flower arrangements for cakes. It is a very handy wire for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas ornament hanging or decoration. The wire has such a broad application it could even be used for sculpturing or jewelry making.

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