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immix Home Decor Chalk Paint with Chalk Finish, Eco-Friendly, All-in-One, Multicolour, No Stripping, Non-Toxic, Multi-Surface, One-Step Paint

100 ML

  • VERSATILE PAINTING SOLUTION: Our immix Home Decor Chalk Paint is a fantastic option for your home decor painting projects. It is versatile, as it can be applied over multiple surfaces including wood, stone, paper, wall, metal, glass, concrete and earthen pots. This craft paint is safe from chemical effects as it is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • NO MORE SANDING & PRIMING: You can skip the time consuming and unglamorous part of the painting which includes stripping, sanding and priming your furniture or decorative item. You have to wipe the surface clean and this chalk paint will adhere to the surface easily.
  • FAST DRYING CRACKLE PAINT: Our immix Home Decor Chalk Paint dries very fast. You don’t need to wait for a long in a case to apply the second coating to obtain a smooth finish. As this furniture paint contains clay and mineral it requires less time to dry and you can get ready with your home decor projects in minimum time. You can also achieve interesting looks by applying different colours, as immix Home Decor Chalk Paint comes with the set of multiple colours
  • GIVES PERFECT CHALKY APPEARANCE: This multipurpose chalk paint dries to a matte finish, which creates a chalky appearance. Its ultra-matte look gives you the antique-era style in a single coat. This interior paint perfectly provides the feel and finish of chalk which is popular. The paint allows you to customize your finish even if you have no experience working with paint
  • LET’S LEARN HOW TO USE IT: You don’t need any user manual or extra efforts to paint with this furniture paint. Just clean the dust and moisture from the surface and apply the chalk paints as per your choice of colour as a base coat. To reduce brush strokes this paint can be diluted with few drops of water and roller can be rolled over the surface to give a perfectly smooth finish. Shake well the bottle before every use.
Weight .150 kg

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